Markus Bachman &

Deb Bachman

"I know there is someone else in this fire with me." - Markus, age 20

Born medically complex and fragile. Feeling perfectly fine one day and then, BAM, serious complications strike. Hostile invaders threaten. Discouragement lurks in the shadows-and once again, a war is waged within Markus's own body.

Intense health struggles have dominated Markus's life of twenty years-and thus his family's as well. Together they tell their story.

"This is a story that nobody asks to be in, but it's a story of strength and faith against incredible odds, and it's full of heroes." - Larry Bond, Author

"An inspiring story of faith, family, and courage. This is a defining story of the human spirit overcoming a life-threatening congenital disability to face challenges head on. Approaching life with positivity, no matter what the odds are, is a lesson all of us can learn from." - Roy Maynard, MD, FAAP