Markus is a self-proclaimed avid non-fiction reader. As a kid, he became a walking textbook about any subject that interested him-dinosaurs, dogs, rabbits, cars-and more. Writing, however, was not one of his favorite subjects until later in high school. Markus's public writing debut began with a blog on his own CaringBridge site. Readers shared how they enjoyed his heartfelt posts, encouraging him to share more. Embracing reMARKable is his first book, published in the 21st year of his remarkable life.

Publishing a book had been Deb's desire since middle school. An active and involved mother of three, she never dreamt the first book would be about her own family. During a particularly difficult summer related to Markus's health, Deb encouraged Markus to share insights into his own life by writing an hour each day. Fearing his health was failing, Deb treasured Markus's personally recorded memories. Two decades of journal entries, emails, CaringBridge blogs, and letters, along with writings by Markus and other family members, come together in this true and heartwarming story.